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CPMS offers you unprecedented service to transform disparate, 'dead' data into 'live' actionable data points providing meaningful difference that will propel your business to the next level. The bottom-line matters and we aim to eliminate wasteful time spent on tasks that do not produce income.
Sound analysis aims to pierce the barrier that holds you back or slows your business down.

Excellence, delivered!

Delivering excellence since 2012!
Our team is passionate about helping people and we want to help you achieve your business goals.

Power BI

Change your trajectory

  • » Enhance business processes and customer interaction
  • » Accelerate good decision making and empowering your team
  • » Monitor opportunities, key metrics, and efficiency
  • » View and experience trending data in context and on-the-go
  • » Distribute and consume data across devices securely in a modern platform
  • » Unlock big data with self-service data prep and modeling

Business Analysis

Make the invisible, visible

  • » Help identify, gather and collate relevant data sources to identify and discuss trends
  • » Work closely with business partners for delivering business intelligence
  • » Provide Data Driven Analysis
  • » Extract and analyze data, statistics and produce intelligence reports
  • » Develop, oversee, document, and manage Key Performance Indicators, policies and procedures.

Project Management

Secure your foundation

  • » Lead and manage PMO process improvement efforts, standardizing tools, and methodologies
  • » Defining project scope, goals, and deliverables
  • » Manage and maintain regional and client relationships on new builds
  • » Demonstrating continuous improvement through post project reviews

Construction Management

Real Expertise

  • » Managing projects that incorporate unique design aspects, challenging locations and a demanding project team
  • » Construction Management and Inspection
  • » Technical Writing
  • » Government Contracting
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